5 Pins RoSteAl Billiard Cue:


RoSteAl billiard cue is a quality product for 5 pins games! It is a 2 pieces billiard cue but with some specific features of a 3 pieces cue.  Have a look…

5 Pins RoSteAl Billiard Cue: the Technical Features.


The new Starwood billiard cue is a professional product designed for 5 pins games; it is a top billiard cue with specific technical features: 


  • 2 pcs billiard cue;

  • Total standard length 142 cm ( approx. 55,90 inch );

  • The Diameter Collar is 20,0 mm ( approx. 0,79 inch );

  • The Shaft Length: 68 cm ( approx. 26,77 inch );

  • Our Fiber Shaft: Kevlar, Carbon-Wood, Carbon and Fiber-Comp; 

  • Our Highly Resistant Plastic Ferrule

  • The Tip Diameter is approx. 11,8- 11,9 mm ( approx. 0,46 inch );

  • Our Licensed Weight and Balance Control System.


5 Pins RoSteAl Billiard Cue is crafted with high quality Maple wood and Nacre like elements. It is manufactured only in the wood grip version: this is decorated with laser engraving in order to refine and improve the way your hand will cling on the cue. 

Its kit includes a butt, a fiber shaft of your choice among the ones available in our stock, an approx. 27 cm long extension and its traditional bag.



5 Pins RoSteAl Billiard Cue: What is Special about it?


RoSteAl billiard cue has hybrid technical features

It has a higher stiffness than the other 2 pieces cues because of its specific measurements (its shaft is shorter than in the rest of our collection products).

It is half way between the traditional 2 pieces and the 3 pieces cues.


Try it…


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