5 Pins Starwood Billiard Cue:



Starwood billiard cue: this is certainly an excellent product for 5 pins games. Why? Because it was chosen by Marco Sala, a vice World Champion in Argentina. 


New Starwood 5 Pins Billiard Cue
New Starwood 5 Pins Billiard Cue

New Starwood 5 Pins Billiard Cue
New Starwood 5 Pins Billiard Cue


5 Pins Starwood Billiard Cue: the technical Features.


The New 5 Pins Starwood Billiard Cue is a professional product designed for 5 pins games; it is too one of the top cues of our range. 


Its main features are:


  • 2 pieces billiard cue ( approx. half cue each );

  • The Total Length 142 cm ( approx. 55,90 inch );

  • The Diameter Collar: 20,5 mm ( approx. 0.8 inch );

  • The our Fiber Shaft : you can choose among Kevlar, Carbon-Wood, Carbon and Fiber-Comp; 

  • Shaft length : 70 cm ( approx. 27,55 inch );

  • The our Highly Resistant Plastic Ferrule

  • The Tip Diameter : approx. 11,8- 11,9 mm ( approx. 0,46 inch );

  • Our Licensed Weight and Balance Control System.


Starwood Billiard Cue is crafted with fine enchased woods: we use Ash, dark Rosewood and Olive woods.  

It is manufactured in two different versions:


  1. with rubber grip;

  2. one with wood grip. Its wood grip is decorated with elegant laser engraving.


In its kit we provide a butt, a fiber shaft, an approx. 27 cm long extension and its traditional bag.



5 Pins Starwood Billiard Cue: Curiosity ...


Marco Sala, after a long and hard period in which he downgraded to the lowest billiard categories, has come back to play at high performance levels, also thanks to our products: in only 3 years, he won an Italian Championship (Master Category), a Doubles Italian Championship and has climbed up in the Italian ranking and reached the top 10 in the highest category. 


Starwood billiard cue was manufactured in accordance with Marco Sala's requests, and it has improved the first model with which he won the Master Category Italian Championship in 2014.


What are you waiting for ?


Go for the Starwood!



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