5 Pins Used Billiard Cues:


5 Pins Used billiard cues are the best solution if you do not want to spend too much money to buy your cue.


Be careful though!

On the market not all the used billiard cues are the same… What we offer you here are used billiard cues that have been rearranged and checked up. Only with this kind of product you will pay less money but you will not buy less quality and have the guarantee of purchasing your product from a company known in the sector and of avoiding any internet scam.


What is a billiard cue that was rearranged and checked up? (Click here to find out).

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5 Pins Used Billiard Cues: Rearranged?


Do you want to know what we mean by used and rearranged billiard cues?

They are basically products that our customers sell back to us when they want to purchase a new cue and save some money. 


Why do we speak about rearranged and not simply about 5 pins used billiard cues?


Because before putting them back on the market, we check them and rearrange them. Here is the full process:


  • We varnish them in order to give them a new shining polish and correct any light dent they might have. 

  • We check on their ax between butt and shaft. 

  • We rebalance their weight according to the classical standards. If you have any preference, we can fix your cue according to your taste. 

  • We repair their shaft and replace their tip and ferrule. 


On the top you will have the guarantee of purchasing your product from a company known in the sector and of avoiding any problem you may incur in if you buy a cue from a private player who might have modified his cue according to his taste and wants now to get rid of it. 


What are you waiting for? Choose one of our used billiard cue and click here.

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