5 Pins MIKING Billiard Cue.


The New Miking is the billiard cue signed by Michelangelo Aniello, 5 Pins 2006 Word Champion and 5 Pins 2013-2015 European Champion .

MIKING Billiard Cue: Technical Features.


The new Miking billiard cue is a professional tool specifically designed for 5 Pins Games. It is one of our top products. 

Its main features are:



  • 2 pieces billiard cue ( approx. half cue each );

  • Total standard length 142 cm ( approx. 55,90 inch );

  • Diameter collar : 20,5 mm ( approx. 0.8 inch );

  • Fiber Shaft : Kevlar, Carbon-Wood, Carbon, Fiber-Comp;

  • Shaft length : 70 cm ( approx. 27,55 inch );

  • Highly Resistant Plastic Ferrule;

  • Tip Diameter : approx. 11,8- 11,9 mm ( approx. 0,46 inch )

  • Licensed Weight and Balance Control System.



Miking billiard cue is crafted with high quality enchased woods ( Maple, Dark Rosewood and Olive Wood) and it is decorated with laser engravings.

It is manufactured in two different versions: one with rubber grip and the second one with wood grip. 

Its kit includes a butt, a fiber shaft of your choice among the ones available in our stock, an extension ( approx. 27 cm long ) and its traditional bag.



Miking Billiard Cue: Curiousities.


This cue was designed in co-operation with Michelangelo Aniello ( who played with our cues when he won 2006 World Championship, 2013 and 2015 European Championships ). 

In the last ten years we have been working with him to improve the very last version of his cue. 


Do you need more facts? Listen to what Michelangelo has to say…

Cuoietti LM_Dark

Cue Tips


Joint Repair

Porta Gesso Magnetico Metal

Lm Metal Chalck Holder

Guanto da Gioco

Lm Billiard Glove

Porta Gessi Magnetico Color

Lm Plastic Chalck Holder


Accessorio utile per rifilare lateralmente il cuoio dopo il suo naturale assestamento.

Guaina Ultra-Grip

Extra Rubber Grip

Gessi BlueDiamond

Blue Diamond Professional Chalck

Raschietto per Cuoio

Raschietto metallico per la regolazione del cuoio.

Do you want to see Michelangelo Play?


If you love too 5 Pins Billiard Games, watch this video : it is one of the most exciting matches of tha past season played by Michelangelo Aniello e Matteo Gualemi, the last World Champion. 


Choose your new Miking billiard cue.




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