5 Pins New Tribal Billiard Cue:

New Tribal cue has a very good value for money and was designed for 5 pins beginner players


5 Pins New Tribal Billiards Cue: Technical Features



New Tribal billiard cue is a simple but elegant product. It has excellent technical features and it is not signed by any top player. This all makes it cheaper than other professional products in our catalogue. 


Its technical features:


  • 2 pieces 5 pins Billiard Cue ( approx. half cue each );

  • Total standard length 142 cm ( approx. 55,90 inch );

  • Diameter Collar: 19,5 mm ( approx. 0,77 inch );

  • The Fiber Shaft: Kevlar, Carbon-Wood, Carbon and Fiber-Comp; 

  • Shaft Length: 71 cm ( approx. 27,95 inch );

  • The Highly Resistant Plastic Ferrule ;

  • The Tip Diameter: approx. 11,8- 11,9 mm ( approx. 0,46 inch );

  • Our Licensed Weight and Balance Control System.



This billiard cue is crafted with Maple Wood. 

It is manufactured in two different versions: one With Rubber Grip and the second one with Wood Grip. 

Its kit includes a butt, a fiber shaft ( available in our stock ), an extension ( approx. 27 cm long ) and its traditional Bag.


Particolare delle vedette in Simil-madreperla Colorate.

Particolare dell'impugnatura in legno con incisioni a laser per aumentare il grip.

5 Pins New Tribal Billiard Cue: Its Story!


The first Tribal billiard cue was crafted 15 years ago .

The aim was to realize a product for all expert players that want a quality cue even if not signed by top players. 

This is also an ideal product for 5 pins beginner players


This product too ( like the New Top series) was a big success in Italy as well as abroad.

Through the years both its design and its technical features have been improved.


The last version improvements are: 


  • Stiffness levels of this cue model: we tried to make it ideal for players who are less expert; it is a billiard cue easy to play with. 

  • A 1C Type Standard Joint has been used: which makes faster and easier to procure extra shafts. 

  • We have introduced a new "Luxury Version" with a fully Wood Grip. 

  • The cue decorations are elegant engraving and not simple stickers.


If you want to start playing 5 pins billiard, the New Tribal cue is the right product for you. You can purchase it from our online shop with your credit card or through your PayPal account. Click on "Purchase" and you will reach the product customization page (where you can choose shaft, grip, tip, etc.). 


What are you waiting for?


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