SALES 5 Pins Billiards Cues:


Sales 5 pins billiard cues: its are an excellent solution for those players who want to spend less to purchase their cue

These are unused products that belong to previous collections that have been replaced by new models which are often different only in their design. 


Why should you choose a billiard cue on sale? Click here to find out its advantages. 


These are the billiard cues presently on sale: if you click on the "Buy Now" button, you will reach our online shop where you will be able to customize your billiard cue by choosing among our different options (shafts, tips, etc.).

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SALES 5 Pins Billiards Cues: Advantages ...


The advantages of billiard cues on sale are various. For example: 


  • They are new billiard cues and not used. 

  • You can customize them by choosing your shaft, tip, weight etc. 

  • You will save 40%-50% and more on the usual price. 



If you wish to have more information on these products, please mail us your questions. 


Important notes:


1- These billiard cues are left over of our warehouse and might have some light and purely esthetical imperfection (for example in their varnish). 

2- We usually have small quantities of products on sales in our warehouse. SO do not hesitate too long or another player might get the cue of your dreams before you. Check the products and purchase.